People are coming out of retirement to be part of the NEW Health and Nutrition Company, VASAYO–that features proprietary products with disruptive technology, and is now in prelaunch in the USA and Canada.  Dallin and Karree Larsen have already founded two incredible companies including MonaVie, which was taken to the Billion Dollar mark. Under Dallin’s leadership, MonaVie was also recognized as the number one fastest growing company in the Inc. 500 Food & Beverage category in only its fifth year of existence. Dallin and Karree Larsen are known for creating a dynamic culture for their distributors that truly rewards and honors them for their efforts. 

​Dallin and Karree Larsen just prelaunched Vasaoy on December 5th–the most anticipated new network marketing company of 2017 that they are calling their Final Legacy!  With plans to officially launch in the USA and Canada on January 3rd, this dynamic couple have made it very clear in numerous heartfelt messages that they want Vasayo to be a safe, final home for people seeking an opportunity to change their lives and others around them. The Larsens want Vasayo to be a business that you can be proud of and pass onto your grandkids. 

“Karree and I seem to have been blessed with the ability to create  ‘culture’ and the companies that allow people to prosper. After having helped build two very successful companies in direct selling, Karree and I have decided to spend the rest of our days building a third and final company,” said Dallin Larsen. “We have every intention of leading this company until our last breath.”

The Larsens believes a Brand Partner deserves to be rewarded with life-changing income and can never be rewarded with too much income. “We intend to reward the new Brand Partners, better than ever before in direct selling. Every decision we make, will put the interests of our Brand Partners first and foremost, so that they will want VASAYO to be their permanent home,” said Dallin


Moreover, Vasayo is predicted to be arguably the biggest launch ever in network marketing history with already 11 million dollars in sales for just our Founders’ Club Packs alone. I’m sure you’ve heard this type of claim before–but Vasayo has the proven leadership and science to back this statement! And the explosive number of people scrambling to secure a top spot with Vasayo is also adding credence to this widely-acclaimed prediction in the industry.  

Vasayo will launch with five core products that will generate renewed health and life-changing income for thousands upon thousands of people who share this opportunity due to the disruptive technology of our nano-tech delivery method that utilizes advanced liposome technology to deliever the highest-quality nutrition directly into your blood stream.  No other company has this – and we have the world-wide rights to market this proprietary technology to deliver the right nutrients with the right delivery to show an increased bioavailability. You can bet this company is going to smash all of the records out there.


Why Join Our Team? 
The Founder of Our Team is a Proven, Top Global Leader in the industry, Online Marketing Professional, Successful Business Owner who has been placed at the Top of the Vasayo in an Exceptional Position–which means YOU will be at the Top with us! 

  • We are the #1 Online Marketing Experts–You’ll Receive Free Online Marketing Tools and Training to Help You Generate Leads.
  • Free Team Website and Exclusive Team Facebook Group, Team Calls and Personalized Mentoring. 
  • Our Global Team Proves that Team Work is the Dream Work–Jodi will provide you with the personalized attention you need to make this venture successful. Our team includes motivated people from all walks of life–who have the desire, focus and commitment to take the action that’s needed to make their life exceptional and to help others do the same! That’s our goal at Team Freedom. We provide you with the simple, duplicable system to make that happen!

When you enroll, for your convenience, Vasayo will also add your initial “Brand Partner Enrollment Fee” to your account. The wholesale cost of this Membership is $49.95 and includes the following:
• Activation and your first full year to VCloud, Vasayo’s exclusive Brand Partner Team Office.
• A fully functional Replicated Website system, which includes a feature-rich retail shopping experience with sales and marketing tools for anyone with whom you share your site.
• One full year’s access to the industry’s most versatile and powerful mobile suite of marketing and sales tools, allowing you to carry your Vasayo business in the palm of your hand, wherever you may be.

Together, these tools give you, our trusted Brand Partners, the most powerful and complete set of tools the industry has to offer.  Keep in mind that, once enrolled, you will be able to log into your Team Office to view your orders placed. You may cancel your order at any time by calling Vasayo’s corporate office before January.

What Sets Vasayo Apart?
Vasayo’s MicroLife Nutritionals offer a simple and affordable solution to a serious problem that many people face today because most supplements on the market aren’t designed to be absorbed by the body–so most of the supplments people take are being released out of their body as waste.  And as many of you know,  most people need to take a daily supplement because  our food source, which includes overly processed foods and a wordwide depleted soil crisis, is no longer supplying us with what our bodies need to grow and thrive. Moreover, an apple today versus one you could eat 50 years ago has been zapped of its inherent nutrients because our soils are so nutritionally depleted and void of the essential nutrients and micro-nutrients your body needs to help fight against inflammation and other chronic diseases.  This is no doubt a worldwide crisis. 

Vasayo’s starting line-up includes FIVE cutting-edge products that are all designed to be absorbed by your body as they deliver the nutrients where your body needs them most. When you start taking Vasayo vitamins and nutritional supplements, you experience roughly 90% greater absorption rate in your body!


Vasayo is truly destined to be the next BILLION Dollar Global Company! Vasayo will soft-launch in the USA and Canada on January 3, 2017–with plans to expand into countries in Southeast Asia with Hong Kong and Singapore as the hub in early March.  So,  if you live in any countries in southeast Asia–you can secure a top spot now. The company will transfer you to the Hong Kong hub once it opens.

Vasayo’s starting line-up of products that were created by Dr. Emek Blair have all the ingredients and proprietary technology to create the perfect storm of success and renewed health. Discover the shocking science with Vasayo that makes all other supplements virtually worthless because of our powerful, patented nano- tech delivery system! Vasayo’s products are based upon delivering nutrients where they are needed most in the body so that they are fully absorbed by your body. The increased “absorption/bioavailability” is achieved by micro-encapsulating compounds, which allows them to better survive the digestive process and get absorbed through various barriers with greater ease. 


The following video is a LIVE FACEBOOK video from November 2nd when Vasayo Founder and CEO, Dallin Larsen revealed our incredible proprietary products, details about Vasayo’s lucrative compensation plan and more!  I believe you’ll easily see why people are coming out of retirement for this new venture that’s going to bless people across the globe with renewed health and life-changing income!